About DakshIndia

Our thinking is quite simple: offer the best journey – an experience beyond the usual. With 20 years in the industry and as many years of travelling through the most sought-after and the lesser travelled places, we understand it’s all about being in the right place, at the right time, with the right people. The best experiences can sometimes be a simple meal with a local family, an unexpected encounter during a game drive, a canoe ride through the intricate narrow canals, a walk through the never-ending paddy fields, a real bargain at the local fish market after your host asks you to buy fish for the day’s lunch, or witnessing the evening ceremony at a temple.
We are pure specialists of South India, well equipped to handle incoming tours to Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, and the islands of Lakshwadeep and Andaman and Nicobar. The accommodation options we suggest are the best in that category, from top-notch luxury to midrange, simple boutique resorts, home stay and value-for-money budget hotels. The activities we conduct include some of the best living experiences, involving local communities, far from touristic. At times, you get a chance to participate in what they do. The chauffeurs we recommend are a bunch of best experienced people, who over the years have mastered the art of client handling.

Our Task

“To initiate respectful cultural and informational exchange between tourists and local people, benefiting both the parties.”

To encourage local and sustainable tourism initiatives with no harm to the environment.

Last but not the least, protecting the environment and culture.

Our Thoughts

To develop the livelihoods of local community by designing tours around the local needs and local people, taking ownership of the activities in residential areas.

To provide tourists with more local and authentic programs, featuring the destination’s culture.

To generate a responsible travel experience that puts together sightseeing and culture interest with experiential learning opportunities.

The People

A team of extensive travelers, with over two decades of experience in handling incoming tours to South India. Pursuing the passion for travel and with a wish to broaden our horizons and spotting the need for a more decisive approach at the logistics of travel, Dakshindia was born. Our expertise and skill help us design a travel experience that is out of the ordinary and adventurous, boutique and luxury, or a perfect blend of both. Ourselves being ardent cyclists and trekkers, we constantly circle South India to provide you with cutting-edge destination knowledge and help you plan a well-planned itinerary.

The Last of us

‘We, at Dakshindia, will ensure that your journey is real, flawless, and beyond what you had imagined”

Bejoy Koshy